The Most Important Vaporwave Aesthetic/Outrun/Retro video games

Wow, this video took a long time to make. I’m not sure how many hours I’ve spent but the editing alone was at least 30.
In this video i dissect and talk about Vaporwave/Outrun styles in video games and which games have inspired the retro aesthetic movement. I mainly focused on Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and Hotline Miami, but also Trials of the Blood Dragon and outdrive. Shout out to my boys and girls for the amazing response on my vids and getting me across that 300 sub milestone, love you all!

Music used in this vid:
Intro: Yung bae – Lonely Feeling
00:12 Home – Before The Night
00:22 Kavinsky – Odd Look
00:25 dive – SPOOK DA PLUG
01:00 Home – Before The Night
02:26 Aquatic Ambience – Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack
02:47 Home – Were Finally Landing
03:10 M.O.O.N – Hydrogen
03:19 Jasper Byrne – Miami
03:32 Home – Before The Night
05:23 Home – Were Finally Landing
06:38 Polygon Dream – Song of Storms
07:32 Eva – 失望した
08:21 Home – Before The Night
08:57 Ben Briggs – Diddy Kong Racing
09:26 Home – Before The Night
10:02 Home – Were Finally Landing
10:39 Otis McDonald – Truckee
11:09 Home – If I’m Wrong
Outro: Otis McDonald – Rest

A lot of the tunes are from RoyaltyFreePlanet
here on youtube, make sure to check their channel if you are looking for copyright free synthwave tunes for your vids.


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