Taylor Yellow Wild Force Ranger UNLOCKING & Gameplay! Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Taylor Earhardt Yellow Wild Force Ranger UNBOXING in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. Rita is trying to destroy the Morphin Grid and shatter the Zeo Crystal. Call on Rangers throughout Time & Space and May the Power Protect You! Featuring Characters from Mighty Morphin, Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Dino Charge, Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Power Rangers Super Mega Force, Wild Force, Samurai and many more!

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Live Stream Rules *UPDATED 2020*

1. No excessive profanity, Name Calling or Arguing!
2. Do not Give Your Age Or ANY Personal Info in Chat (Coppa)
3. Do NOT Spam or Promote Your Channel/Streams
4. NO Politics, Social Issues OR Drama of any kind. Ever
5. Do NOT ask to be a Mod

Our content is made for Gamers 13 & UP. We Play a variety of Video Games on this channel. IF your unsure about what A Game is Rated. Please Check the ESRB for rating information on the Game being played.


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