RoadKill (PS2) – Intro & Mission #1 – Welcome to Lava Falls

RoadKill Gameplay Walkthrough – Intro & Mission #1 – Welcome to Lava Falls, recorded in high definition.
RoadKill Walkthrough Playlist:

In the 1980s a deadly plague known as “The Rot” was released and killed off most of the world’s population and brought nearly all the world governments to their knees. In the midst of all the chaos a man named Mason Strong who before the plague has a long employment history such as a taxi driver, used car salesman, bouncer, demolition derby driver, and even a short-lived tour in the military. Today Mason finds himself in a world gone mad, a world without law and order, where gangs engage in open warfare on the streets 24/7.

Mason must work his way up the ranks of the gangs, surviving as best as he can in the new world, a world without any laws or politics.

● Platform: Sony PlayStation 2 (Also available for Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube)
● Recorded using Mirillis Action! (on PCSX2 Emulator)
● Rendered using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

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