Love Potion Pop Fizz Surprise Adventure w/ Valentines Day Gifts! (Skylanders Trap Team Hunting #9)

He’s here! Love Potion Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz Valentines Variant! But let’s rewind… We start off at home showing you all of our Valentines Day goodness (yes, we started super early this year). As shown in the vid, Mike had a little mishap with some of his valentines cards so we are using some Skylanders cards for the mistakes and are going to Target for some Skylanders fruit snacks so we can attach them to the valentines… That’s what the kids think! Really, Love Potion Pop Fizz Valentines In-Game Variant is waiting for us at the Electronics register! So we head to Target to check him out. Have a bunch of fun in the Valentines Day aisles & we pick up some more goodies! Then we go eat @ a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant & go to the pee-ark, whoops, spelled that wrong, Park. 😉

At the very end you can check out some Love Potion Pop Fizz Gameplay & an up close shot of him (still in box).

We hope you enjoy all of the crazy amounts of fun we had in this video!

Next up, gameplay in Brocks Arena w/ Dad & Sons! w/ Fizzy Frenzy Path & Mad Scientist!

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