Longplay of Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt

Longplay of Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt, played on the PAL GameCube. This game’s version was released on May 27th, 2005. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:04:09 – Ye Old West: Moody Clan Round Up
0:08:30 – Ye Old West: Horse Shoe Shenanigans
0:11:48 – Ye Old West: Down the Tracks
0:22:20 – The Warner Film Lot: Pinky and the Brain
0:28:30 – Spooky Movie: Exorcise in the Front Garden
0:34:20 – Spooky Movie: Puzzle Cube Conundrum
0:40:09 – Spooky Movie: Here comes the Bride… She’s Alive!
0:50:27 – Spooky Movie: Ghoulish Fountain Frolics
0:54:28 – Spooky Movie: Pinky and the Brain
1:10:50 – Once Upon A Time: Bo Peep’s Close Shave
1:17:15 – Once Upon A Time: Billy Goat Bridge Bash
1:20:50 – Once Upon A Time: The Wood, the Witch and the Turtle
1:32:55 – Once Upon A Time: Pinky and the Brain
1:36:15 – Once Upon A Time: Enter the Dragon
1:53:35 – King O’Sullivans Mines: See No Temple… Hear No Temple
1:55:45 – King O’Sullivans Mines: Explore the Blue Lagoon
1:59:05 – King O’Sullivans Mines: Home in the Treetops
2:06:15 – King O’Sullivans Mines: Plunder the Monkey Mines
2:07:10 – King O’Sullivans Mines: Pinky and the Brain
2:11:30 – King O’Sullivans Mines: Defeat Aztec Pillar
2:22:35 – Ye Old West: Reservation Rain Dance
2:29:55 – Ye Old West: Bucking Champion
2:40:43 – Spooky Movie: Crypt-ic Bone Search
2:49:35 – Once Upon A Time: Little Miss-placed Muffet
2:58:55 – The Epic: Fill Cleo’s Bath? My Ass! & Hot Dates With a Soldier
3:21:15 – The Epic: Slave State, Retaliate
3:25:55 – The Epic: Riddle in the Bathhouse
3:33:05 – The Epic: Chariot Championship
3:49:23 – Warner Film Lot: Defeat C.C. Deville
3:57:25 – Credits


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