Lil Bow Wow – Playin the Game with lyrics [HQ]

Lyrics :

Ladies if u walkin through tha mall and u hear somebody say(whistle) you gotta
turn at them and u know what I gotta do tha same thing (wwhistle) it’s that new
2003 call ladies 4’sho 4′ shizzle it’s So So Def

Chorus: All i’m tyna do is get my doe u up I’m yo boy your my girlfriend stop
hold up I ain’t in no kind of rush 2 grow up so slow up I’m just playin tha
game let me warn ya girl before you get involve wit me you might think you got
me but never really get me so don’t trip if u see me doin my thang i told ya
I’m just playin tha game

Verse: I’m at tha mall on Saturday I ain’t got no cap on my salary so you know
I’m trearin up i mean there’s so many girls here and every time I look I see
them lookin back at me and they sayin what up I’m to young to wife something so
you know my game pumpin like baby lets talk lets hang do something wat about
them digits cn it get that she right them i give a pound and say ma holla back
next door just more of tha same activity I’m up in Tiffany’s talkin to this
girl name Brittany she tryna rool wit she tryna show wit me she tryna do wat
ever it takes 2 get wit like I’m easy how you gone act like my name ain’t Bow
Weezy and I ain’t got Brezzies comein bout a dozen thats why tha phone buzzin
I’m sorry but I ain’t lookin 4 no long time lovin girl
repeat chorus 1x

Verse: It’s hard hold back when you 15 got money bye tha stack jumpin out of
candy color lacs every show pack to tha rim girls screamin at me ooowww how u
make me happy I just wanna ride am I wrong 4 not wanna be tied up when I’m
grown maybe baby we can rid but for rightnow I’m just tryna live a cameo lif
edo wat i write and see who ever I like I’m tryna find me somethin in every
city I go from New York to LA back through OHIO I’m tryna find me somethin a
little ghetto,pretty,and fun 15 to 21 uh is true if it is when you hear I’m
comin to yo city make sure ya in tha front row hands in tha air screaming loud
as u can(aaahhh)here I am here I am bow Wezzy lets go
repeat chorus1x

yo check it man I’m 15 ears old I just got my tips and i can’t b slowin I need
a girl that gone ride so if you that girll then c’mon c’mon c’mon lets go

repeat chorus2x


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