Illya vs Kiritsugu walnut game

Because I didn’t see it anywhere else on youtube.

Possible Questions: Answered

To those who wonder why Rin and Illya look the same age in Fate/Zero but Rin has aged in Fate/Stay Night: It’s because Illya is a homunculi. Homunculi, in the Nasuverse, are usually created as a grail, and therefore do not have a long lifespan, so aging isn’t important in the features of an Einzbern Homunculi.

Also, if you still feel Illyasviel was abandoned by Kiritsugu and hate him after Fate/Zero, please check out Fate/Stay Night’s VISUAL NOVEL. It states, in all three of the routes, why he had to do what he did, and you get both Shirou’s view on it and Illya’s. Also make sure to check out Fate/kaleid Prisma Illya for a Holy Grail War concept where both Iri and Kiritsugu are alive and well!



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