Hitman: Absolution – Walkthrough (Part 25) – Mission: Blackwater Park (The Penthouse)

Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough
– Part III –
Blake Dexter’s penthouse. Contains an extensive weapon collection and trophy room. Dexter enjoys big game hunting. Who would have guessed?
▪ Hit Him Where it Hurts
Blackwater Park. A building under siege. Dexter will be expecting my arrival. I took his son. If he is mad enough to take on the Agency, would he also sacrifice Victoria to get back at me? I need to be careful. But one way or the other, this is where it ends.
◉ Locate Layla
Layla. Dexter’s right hand. Whatever he knows, she knows. I shall have to deal with her before I confront Dexter.
◉ Find the Panic Room
Dexter is on the roof with Victoria. Only way up is through the back exit of the panic room. He will be planning his retreat. I cannot allow him to escape me again.

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