We came across a new arcade game at Dave & Buster’s, Gridiron Blitz! This game definitely requires you to have some stamina, if not, you will fail miserably. We both put our chicken legs to the test, who has the faster chicken legs? Be sure to watch to find out!

How Gridiron Blitz’ works:
The goal in Gridiron Blitz is to complete each running drill within the time limit. There are three levels, you will be rewarded with tickets for the completion of each level. If you are able to pass the third level, you will win the JACKPOT!

The first level requires you to run in place quickly and jump over obstacles. Pass this level and you will get 20 tickets.

The second level is the same, but flapping bird mascots are not added as obstacles. If you run into a bird, you will be temporarily “dazed” and unable to move. You need to avoid the birds to save time. Pass this level and you will get 40 tickets.

The third level is the jackpot level. You have all the previous obstacles plus there are moving vehicles that can hit you. If you are hit by a vehicle, the game ends there. If you are able to pass the level within the time limit, you will win the jackpot!

TIP – You can stop and wait for the birds or vehicles to pass by.

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