Giantess Game: "Sizebox" game In Development by Aiiko

Here’s a game that from what I can tell has been in the works for a while, and I’m pretty excited for it. This sandbox-like game is being developed by Aiiko, whom you can support below. The game allows you to spawn giant npcs, tiny npcs and even objects such as cities, vehicles, and even other stages, all of which you can manipulate to make many different size related scenarios. You can import mmd models to act as giants or even micros to be both playable characters and npcs you can choose to squish!
If you’d like to show continuous support to the game, here’s a link to Aiiko’s Patreon page:

Here is a link to the game, both early versions and updated versions are included in the link:

Here’s a link to where you can get models and objects for the game

all you have to do is download them and drag them into the folder corresponding to their file type. If it’s a gts file, drag it to the Giantess folder, same goes for the other types as well.


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