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A playthrough of Sunsoft’s 1989 NES game, Fester’s Quest. For the full review, soundtrack, and screenshot archive, be sure to visit

Fester’s Quest is really fun game that get’s absolutely blasted for its difficulty level and it’s bizarre weaponry. The criticism about its weapons is quite appropriate, but for those that read the instruction book, the secret to making the game MUCH easier (and to play as it was apparently intended) is highlighted on page 12, where it reads: “The use of a ‘Turbo’ type joystick with rapid fire feature will be quite helpful.” Indeed, it turns them game from something that would likely cause nerve damage to one that’s still fairly difficult, but much more fun and less frustrating.

Just saying, before someone decides to blast away with, “Nah u cheat bro, turbo is cheats, u didn’t play it write til ur tums are bleedin, ur mom is fester” or some other nonsensical, internet-sloppy drivel trying to pass as criticism and/or trolling. 😀 If you hated this game, try it with a turbo controller. You might find it completely changes your opinion.

This upload is intended to replace the old playthrough I have posted on my channel. The original was only 30fps and SD resolution and missed a couple of things. This one is far more complete and better played, and at better quality. So yeah. Better.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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