Elmo Through The Looking-Glass

Fuck the “Made for Kids” bullshit. I guess they want kids to know that Telly saw Oscar’s tiny dick (post-credits scene).

Who would have thought this game was in extremely high demand? Many people have requested this for so long, so I decided to make the video about this game once and for all. I never even got past the 2nd page when I was little (oh how I loved not being able to understand English), but after several hours of seeing how much I was missing out, this video happened. I had this game bundled with Elmo’s Get Set To Read (aka Elmo’s Reading Basics as many call it), and somehow GSTR was the game for me.

I did my best to show as many quotes and animations as possible from repeatedly clicking on the same interaction(s) to hear those extra quotes and/or see those animations (such as constantly choosing the wrong answer). It explains why this video is rather long when the game isn’t THAT long. However, I forgot to show the quote at the card game where you try to add another heart that already has 9 of them. Sorry.

There may be a few stuttering in some parts. Blame the emulator for that, but I did my best to edit out all of them.

I remember that the intro and the little logo at the start usually fade in, but my display settings weren’t set to 256 colors. However it shouldn’t affect how the game looks.


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