Donkey Kongwave | Ultimate Vaporwave Mix

Hello everyone! A bit of a suprise mix but one that is very very close to my heart. This mix is dedicated to my brother. There were so many nights of us staying up and playing Donkey Kong Country, listening to the sweet tunes of David Wise and venturing into the beautiful world of Nintendo.

Super grateful to all the artists who put out such incredible remixes to David Wise’s masterpiece.

0:00 – Stickerbrush Symphony – Rodion Drozdov
5:28 – Aquatic Ambiance – Phillip Schlosser
9:09 – DK2 (Hot Head Bop Synthwave Remix) – JC System
12:29 – DK2 Forest Interlude (Synthwave Cover) – Harumi Makoto
17:03 – Dk Medley – Altwave
26:50 – Bayou Boogie Shyft Remix – Shyft VahtiDahl
31:09 – Frosty Frolics (Synthwave Remix) – JC System
33:26 – Stickerbrush Symphony (The Encounter Remix) – The Encounter

Artist Links –

Rodion Drozdov –
Phillip Schossler –
JC System –
Harumi Makoto –
Altwave –
Shyft VahtiDahl –
The Encounter –

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