Your expedition has gone wild to even wilder. Hungry tigers have spotted you and the best way is to run, here in Danger Dash. What you must do in this run-and-jump game is simply to keep your character alive for as long as you can. The longer you run, the higher the score given to you. There will be obstacles like rocks, wooden logs with spikes, and stone pillars. Move from left or right quickly to avoid crashing. The game features power ups that can help your character last longer on the track. Use your coins to buy items as well or enhance the effects of your power ups.

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Danger Dash is a fun and exciting running game that has you running for your life, you will play the game as one of 3 playable characters, one of them being the default character and the other 2 to be unlocked later on, they are Chuck Ace, Miranda Rose and Blowing Wind, you will be controlling your character and running through various locations such as the jungle, the lost city and the mysterious temple, all of which were designed to give you a hard time as they are truly peppered with a variety of obstacles and deadly traps, run fast to escape the danger, slow down and the tigers kill your character, indeed, your character’s life will hang in the balance, and if you’re not fast enough, you won’t get very far, fortunately, there are cool powerups available in the game to help you save your character’s life and extend your runs, you can even transform your character into a powerful tiger, much faster and certainly much stronger to give you the edge over your pursuers, so come on and join this exciting adventure, test yourself if you have the skills to survive this running adventure here in Danger Dash.

Graphics and Sound

Danger Dash has very beautiful graphics, the character designs look quite awesome with very high details, even when the character transforms into an animal, it still looked great, environments are cool too, each one of the different locations have very nice and unique designs that sets it apart from the rest, colors are great, the vegetation looks lush and vibrant making the game looking vivid and sharp throughout the game, animations are very smooth too, all the characters and the moving parts have very nice and fluid movements that seems to up the excitement when you play the game, music and sounds are cool too, the game soundtrack is engaging and quite exciting while sound effects abound in the game, you’ll hear a lot of clinking and other sound effects as you make your runs through the different locations, special effects are great too, the special visuals are very nice and the transformations are flawless and really pretty, overall, the game looks quite stunning, it has very nice character and environmental designs and awesome presentations.


Danger Dash has a gameplay that s quite similar to Temple Run, where you need to control your character and make it run various locations to save its life, you also need to dodge and evade a variety of obstacles and traps while collecting a lot of coins along the way, the coins are very important in the game as they can be used later on to buy upgrades and powerups for your character and even newer and cooler characters for you to use during the game, the powerups include coin magnets to attract coins as they appear, revival powerup that lets you continue your run when your character dies and the tiger transformation powerups that transforms your character into a powerful white tiger, enabling you to evade dangers more effectively.


Danger Dash features stunning graphics, there are 3 characters to choose from, a lot of coins to collect and a lot of powerups to buy, there are also 3 beautifully designed and unique locations for you to explore and the game has very simple controls for you to use and enjoy.


Danger Dash is quite fun but also quite familiar, gameplay certainly is quite common, but it was fun still, I enjoyed the challenges it brought me when I played the game, check it out and play it, if you liked Temple Run, you’ll love this one for sure.

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