Cringy Convention Compilation

just spent my parents life savings on front row tickets for the logan paul v KSI fight, it better not be a pu$$y brawl!!! Also just deleted my facebook account, friggin hackers use facebook. Im a google plus kinda person now TBH rawr xD!!!

Al$o im gonna try to start uploading twice a week starting soon, just have to build up the courage to because your making me nervous the way that you smile girl…. *snuggles closer*

Original video links –
Reporter gets a little too friendly with Spiderman:

Epic dance moves with a huge fall in the background:


2 cringe in 1 clip:

Even people worth billions can be cringy:

Old man gets a little too into the singing:

Comedian absolutely 100% bombs on stage, then walks off:

Twitch convention has a maniac on the dancefloor:

Furries cannot be not cringy:

Girl apparently doesn’t know how to speak English and only meows:

Reporter seems very interested in the many activities at Comic Con:

Random dude knows more about game than developers do:

Comic Con music video that will give you goosebumps:

Dude roasts evil mad scientist:

Kid thought it would be a good idea to tinkle on stage:

Who said bronies can’t rage?:

LAKEY INSPIRED – Chill Day (Vlog No Copyright Music)
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