CK2: Dark World Degeneracy #1 – Cat Wizards's Goth Harem

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Hailing from the distant East, Houdini Notenticles found himself worshipped as a god amongst his newfound tribe in the far western reaches of Iceland.

But, one cold Autumn day, he remembers he is actually a cat, and was all along! Transforming into a super kawaii cat-human hybrid, he vows to return to his families ancestral homeland and restore the forgotten religion of old.

Meanwhile, in England, Mr Streamer wants to give up on Youtube and live out the rest of his days as a monk in the Himalayas.

=== Full mod list ===

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Workshop collection (minus Papal Mod):

Featuring Dark World Reborn – Please note: Any links I post will be flagged by Youtube. The top google result for Dark World Reborn is the correct link.

+ Minimap Makeover ~ Colour
Created by Ratel

A Bigger Interface
Created by Kamufen

A Revolutionary Borders Mod
Created by Kryo

Better AI: Roleplaying Character Focus
Created by Dragatus

Better AI: Roleplaying Education Focus
Created by Dragatus

Better Ledger (Font/Hotkeys)
Created by Cloaked Figure

Caesar’s Books – Immersive Artifacts [✔️HIP]
Created by CaesarTheRoman

Created by Death of Rats

Better Looking Garbs Full
Created by Nendur

Crimson Tooltip
Created by Knight Paragon

Caesar’s Wonders – Immersive Great Works [✔️HIP]
Created by CaesarTheRoman

Colored Buttons
Created by Gumba

Cultural Cities Remix
Created by Nendur

In heavens Graphics overhaul
Created by In heaven

In heaven’s Graphics overhaul: No fog
Created by In heaven

Flogi’s Buildings & Technology Mod
Created by flogi

Interface: Stellaris Colors
Created by Olympian

Interface: Century Gothic
Created by Olympian

Less Random Deadly Duels
Created by Dragatus

Novus Graphicus
Created by In heaven

Created by Kewsor

More Buildable Wonders – NEW Great Works [✔️HIP]
Created by CaesarTheRoman

Orange Ransom Button
Created by Veka

Rich Childhood
Created by Slothinator

Tooltip: Century Gothic Bold 18
Created by Olympian

The Imperial Court Societies
Created by Auirus

Roll’s Community Traits Mod V2 (Base Game Only! Check Description!)
Created by Roll1D2Games

Velvet Tooltip
Created by Knight Paragon

WOWGAG’s More Artifacts & Bloodlines
Created by ๖ۣۜWG:: Great WOWGAG

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=== Legal ===

Crusader Kings II and related properties are
Copyright © Paradox Interactive AB.
As per;

Music from
“Getting it Done” by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (


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