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Choose your Busytown Mysteries character and car for the game! Research the countryside of Busytown Mysteries, talk to countryside residents, grow flowers, decorate the country house and work at the recycling factory! If you like Busytown Mysteries you will surely love this game video that is based on the show. Pls. enjoy the game and help Busytown Mysteries characters and their friends to avoid all the troubles on their way!

“Busytown Mysteries, also known as Hurray for Huckle!,[1] is a Canadian animated television series created by Cookie Jar Entertainment. Currently the series airs in Canada as part of the Kids’ CBC block on the Tiny Pop channel and in the United States as part of the Cookie Jar TV block on CBS. It’s also on ITunes and there’s no report yet about things like a Blu-ray, Amazon, or Hulu release. It takes place in Richard Scarry’s Busytown and teaches the scientific method through stories in which Huckle Cat (with his sister Sally Cat, and friend Lowly the Worm) solve mysteries by examining evidence.

Season one was directed by Ken Cunningham and produced by Christine Davis. Animation for season one was produced by Heli Digital inc. Post production was handled by Fearless Films and Supersonics Productions inc. Season one was the winner of the 2009 CFTPA award for best children’s program, and nominated for the 2009 Pulcinella award for best preschool series at Italy’s prestigious “Cartoons on the Bay”.

Season two was directed by Larry Jacobs with post directing by Ken Cunningham and produced by Genna Du Plessis, and Audrey Velichka.”




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