Animaniacs (Genesis) – Full Playthrough

This playthrough never got finished as the final stage wasn’t uploaded, also the videos of it disappeared, now that I had the time to redo this, here is the full playthrough.

Played on Hard Mode. *I think it only affects the Timer and your Lives Counter.*

Deaths: 2 *On purpose.*

The 2 Deaths in Scene 3 were on purpose, if your wondering.

I suppose I could of done the Final Boss better, then again… does Hard Mode affect of how many hits the Boss takes? Because I always though that it just starts you off with 1 Life and less Time.

Has anyone else though this game was difficult as a kid? Surely for me, it was. -.-

Virtual Dub doesn’t like huge files for some reason, as when I open the file after capturing it with Fraps, it tells me about a missing Index something, then… the file doesn’t play, so I had to do it in parts, then join them up after compressing them, then re-compress them to reduce the file size to something suitable.

I just hope it doesn’t look horrible on Youtube…

*Stage List*
Scene 0 – 1:11
Scene 1 – 2:41
Scene 2 – 8:14
Scene 3 – 17:12
Scene 4 – 26:09
Scene 5 – 32:04
Scene 6 – 39:13
Ending – 46:45


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